TLSC Stroke Standards

5 to 12 years old

To fully unleash a child’s true potential in swimming, the only way is to start right with the right strokes from the very beginning!  The Tao Li proprietary teaching modules transforms a non-swimmer to a confident swimmer with correct techniques from the start!  Systematic professional teaching ensures much better and faster progress with stronger water confidence and right muscle development.

LEVEL 1 – Water Confidence, Basic Floatation & Breathing. Basic Mobility in Water.
LEVEL 2 – Basic Freestyle
LEVEL 3 – Basic Backstroke
LEVEL 4 – Basic Breaststroke
LEVEL 5 – Basic Butterfly
LEVEL 6 – Dive and Turns

All new students will go through a trial at the first lesson to assess the level of swim competency. After the trial, our coach will decide which level in our 6-level modules the new student should join.

Based on the outcome of the trial, a student file will be created for each new student containing the program outline and the 16-week lesson plan. The coach will review the student file before the lesson on what needs to be covered during that day’s lesson. At the end of the lesson, the coach will update the lesson plan so that the student’s learning process is tracked.

A swim assessment will be conducted quarterly for students who have completed their 16 lessons and an assessment report will be provided to the parents for their information.

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