Why Us?

Tao Li Swimming Club

Learn championship winning techniques from Tao Li and her team in Singapore!

Our Programmes

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  • We have spent the past 8 years developing our learn to swim programmes to highly regarded
    international standards which we then employ systematically to ensure better swimming progress for all our students.
  • The Tao Li Proprietary Teaching Modules bring a non-swimmer to be a competent swimmer with the right techniques from the start!
  • Here at Tao Li’s Swimming Club, we encourage parents to be part of their childs learning journey. We do this through our dedicated and expertly trained coaches assessing and reviewing our students progress frequently and then sharing the new information with their parents so that they too can understand the training process and purpose.


  • Six SEA Games
  • Three Asian Games & two Olympic showings
  • 4th fastest butterfly swimmer in 2008 in the world
  • Held the 2008 World Record for 100m Butterfly short course
  • 29 SEA games Gold medalist
  • Asian games 2 Gold 2 Slver 2 Bronze and Asian 100M butterfly record holder

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  • At TLSC, our dedicated team of coaches are more than just merely certified. They are further trained to a higher standard with our Proprietary Teaching Modules led by Tao Li
  • We develop our own program to explore the potential of every child. Each student’s progress is consistently reviewed based on modular teaching objectives.
  • Small class size so that the coach can focus on the learning objectives of every student.
  • Our mission is to ensure our students achieve a successful progression to swim and every child has the opportunity to become a champion!

Meet Tao Li

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Is there a registration fee?

There is a $50 registration fee for new students. In the event that a student takes a break from their
swimming classes, as long as they return within three (3) months, we will waive their re-entry fee.

Will students be given a makeup lesson if they miss one?

Students will be given a makeup class if they can provide medical or travel documentation explaining
why they missed their assigned class and or classes. However, the makeup class has to be scheduled
within two (2) weeks of their return.

Is there a wet weather plan for classes?

In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, our coaches will conduct dry land training exercises.

How many lessons are there in a month?

There will be four (4) lessons per month.

Do the published fees include goods and service tax (GST)?

The published fees do not include GST.

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