Class age:

3 - 4 years old

Class size:


Duration :


Each Level : 

16 Sessions

Monthly Fees / 4 Sessions:




Class Schedule:

Tuesday to Sunday


The best age to start learning to swim is from 3 years old. The core essence of a toddler’s swimming class is to teach key elements in swimming that will help our children’s physical and social growth developments, while at the same time having lots of fun!

At the age of 3 years old, kids are usually keenly aware of their surroundings with nursery rhymes, games and word association to make them as much water confident as possible that will eventually lead them to swimming independently.

At the age of 4, kids are known to be able to learn basic freestyle arm and kicking quickly.
It is at this young age and important stage, that having the right strokes to swim is the key for our kids to swim right, and only then, can we tell if our kids have any potential in swimming!

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